Thermal Insulation

Energy was very inexpensive in Iran up to 2010, but after that, because of the energy sources reduction and high costs of its production and transfer, Iran government decided to increase energy costs.

So, since 2010 usage of thermal insulations in Iran became more grew.

iran polyurethane thermal insulation

These products are more demanded because of their efficiency and simple production roles.

The annually consumption of polyurethane in Iran’s Thermal insulation industry is about 30,000 MT.

The most usage of polyurethane raw materials in Iran’s Thermal insulation industry for the production of following components:

 – Polyurethane Sandwich panels (Method of Continuous production)

- Polyurethane Sandwich panels (Method of Discontinuous production)

- Refrigerators and Freezers

- Spray Foam

- Pips Insulations

- Sealing

The usage of CFC gases in Iran thermal insulation industry is as follow:

Gas R11: 30%

Gas 141B: 50%

Gas CP: 20%