Automotive industry

Automotive industry is the second biggest industry after oil, gas and petroleum industry in Iran.

The Iranian manufacturers currently produce six different types of vehicle, including passenger cars, 4WD, trucks, buses, minibuses, and pickup trucks. The sector directly employs about 500,000 people (roughly 2.3% of the workforce), and many more in related industries. About 75% of local output is passenger cars, with pick-ups the next largest category, accounting for around 15%.



There were more than 8 million motorcycles in Iran by 2010 and 1,500 motorcycles receive registration number plates each day.

In 2011 Iran automotive industry production was about  1,600,000 units in year.

All parts of Iranian made automotives are made inside the country.

The annually consumption of polyurethane in Iran’s automotive industry is about 20,000 MT.


The most usage of polyurethane raw materials in Iran automotive industry for the production of following components:

- Car seats

- Dashboards

- Headrests

- Back Niches

- Bumpers

- Soundproof sheets

- Steering wheels

- Handholds

- Car Electrical Components

- . . .