About Iran PU Industry

About Iran polyurethane industry

Iran is a semi-industrial and under development country. Iranian tries to be independent in industrial productions.

Polyurethane base parts due to their low density are not having economic justification to import from overseas.

So there are several factories that produce required polyurethane parts in Iran.


The main consumers of polyurethane raw materials in Iran are as follow:

- Automotive industry

- Thermal insulation industry

- Footwear and sole industry

- Furniture industry

- Adhesive industry

- Other industries


Polyurethane raw materials consumption is 80,000 MT in Iran annually and Iran polyurethane market value reach to 250 Million USD.


Iran PU market due to high production required to import below items from overseas:

- Polyurethane raw materials (Polyols & Isocyanates)

- LP (low pressure) PU injection machines and their Spare parts.

- HP (high pressure) PU injection machines and their Spare parts.

- Automatic and Semi- Automatic Foam Production Lines

- Other raw materials (Mold Release Agents, Masterbatche  Colors, Methylene Chloride,  DMF, CFC Gases, Catalysts and etc)